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We walk the talk.

When we innovate, we do it. We’ve got several patented solutions and proprietary PVC recipes. When we talk performance, we never settle thanks to our cutting-edge R&D, investments in advanced technologies, and continuous improvement. When we deliver quality, it’s backed by the highest standards (FGIA, WDMA, CSA and NAFS), a robust quality program, and 14 different quality tests—on our products and even our equipment.

Simplify your
supply chain operations.

Project services

Turnkey or hybrid services—You decide. Whether you are looking for turnkey solutions that alleviate the burdens of capital investments, keeping up to date with the latest standards, or jump-starting your productivity, turn to PH Tech. Want to keep some expertise in-house? PH Tech is happy to be an extension of your business.

Supply chain resiliency

We control our entire manufacturing process, which guarantees consistent quality and performance. It also ensures headache-free procurement and production agility to deliver projects precisely on scope and on time. The performance of our products is matched only by the performance of our supply chain.


Our quality control is rigorous throughout the entire manufacturing process. We consistently deliver products that are perfectly square, with no bends, no flexes, and no variations. Dimensions are always standard from one production run to the other. And the technical features of our profiles are perfectly in line with your specifications.


The design of our products makes life easier for your installers. The interlocking of parts gives installers greater flexibility to adapt our products based on the uniqueness of each project.

Surpass your market’s expectations.

A complete product offering

Our product line-up is designed to ensure your customers find what they need when they need it. Our product development team constantly monitors changes in demand and strives to help you maintain and expand your market share.

Styling that adapts to consumers and regulations

Our products are constantly adapted based on ever-changing customer tastes as well as building code regulations. You’ll never have to worry about being trend-right, testing or compliance.

Energy efficiency

Curbing energy costs, comfort and durability are always top of mind for customers. That’s why PH Tech products meet or exceed the latest standards when it comes to energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR compliance.

Satisfy your customers
like never before.

Long-lasting performance. Lowest replacement rates in the industry.

Unmatched strength. All our products are manufactured with our proprietary, high-quality PVC and proven profile designs. This means they maintain maximum impact resistance throughout their complete life cycle.

Zero weathering. Our PVC windows and doors will not yellow or fade over time. PH Tech solutions maintain their appearance year in and year out.

Hassle-free use. It all starts with the idea of offering well-thought-out, durable products. Our doors and windows appeal to consumers because they are enjoyable to use and last a lifetime.

ur clients trust PH Tech for superior products and an obsession for service. We check all the boxes for the partner you’re looking for.

Total commitment to
supporting your business


60+ years of know-how

Since 1962, PH Tech has been developing ahead-of-the-curve PVC profiles that meet the high requirements of both manufacturers and consumers.


Tap into new markets.
Reach profitable customers.

Our R&D and technical teams work side by side with you so that you can access a wealth of field-proven expertise and develop the right windows and doors for your market.


End-to-end support

We don’t “just” sell PVC windows and doors. We support your business every step of the way, from co-creating the products you want to giving the advice to improve post-sale outcomes. At PH Tech, we make it easy.

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