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We believe in leading by example. That is why we have embedded a deep commitment to environmental and social standards throughout our business.

Sustainability isn’t just something say to please customers and our employees. PH Tech strives every day to minimize our impact on the environment and respect high levels of ethics. What’s more, we work with partners that concretely share our values

Our sustainability practices

Smaller environmental footprint

We implement tangible measures designed to maximize recycling, reduce waste, optimize energy consumption and limit the impacts of transportation.

Certified by third-party experts

PH Tech is part of the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Program of the Council of Sustainable Industries. Our products are certified eco-friendly by this program.

Energy-efficient solutions

Our multi-chamber design reduces thermal exchange and, with more enclosed air space, boosts insulation, helping consumers reduce energy consumption.

Reduced energy consumption

PH Tech’s PVC extrusions require up to 3X less energy to produce than aluminum frames.

Durable products

Thanks to our exclusive PVC recipe, profile design, and quality control, our windows and doors last longer to mitigate waste.

Integrated recycled materials

Recycled PVC content can be integrated into all types of PVC doors and windows—whether with welded or mechanically assembled profiles.

Open with our people.
Open to the world.

Not only does PH Tech take great strides for the well-being of our employees, but we also foster pay equity among our female and male employees. We hire based on talent, and we welcome people of all gender identifications, races, religions, and ages. We employ immigrants from over 12 different countries.


Be a part of the
circular economy!

PH Tech’s NUCLEUS technology, currently available with SILENSIA and CELESTA patio doors as well as several of our PVC-profile windows, features profiles with high-performance cores made almost exclusively of recycled PVC. A North American first!

Winner of a Door and Window Market Green Awards in 2020, NUCLEUS is paving the way for window and door manufacturers to offer environmentally friendly products without sacrificing performance or price.

Intrigued by our sustainability approach? Contact us today to add it to your product portfolio!

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